Tecknowscope aims at bringing affordable technology innovation to every school in India. Educational Technology is still not accessible to a large number of schools in India. That is due to a variety of factors like lack of knowledge about the advancements in the field, affordability of technical solutions and even mindset of educationists’ against adopting new technologies.

We would like to make a difference to the way schools are operating by bringing in the benefits of technology in an affordable way to most schools. We have started it by making the examination process easy for schools. Examination conduction is a repetitive process which can be easily automated. This will save a lot of time for teachers in making question papers, evaluating them and making different types of reports. If 80% of this process can be taken over by new techniques, teachers can focus their time more on development of every child entrusted to them.

Featured Solutions/Services

Online Examinations

Students can take online Examinations using computers or mobile devices

Offline Examinations

Teachers can conduct offline Examinations using the question paper generator.

OMR Tests

Conduct OMR Paper based tests with multiple choice questions for large number of students.

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